My name is Eric Clem and I’m the founder of Photostimulus, a global photography and digital arts firm committed to environmental, cultural, and human preservation. We provide support to communities around the globe by funding local conservation initiatives as well as relief efforts for women and children. These efforts are driven by “grass roots” non-profit organizations with minimal administrative infrastructure.

As a rule, our images and other creative works are provided without charge to qualifying non-profit organizations while revenue generated from commercial organizations and individuals is allocated equally between non-profit giving and Photostimulus.

As of our founding in April of 2018, Photostimulus is already supporting its first local non-profit organization. This group, Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life (, seeks to support the poorest of the poor in developing countries where the reach of large non-profits and country based resources is minimal.

My long-term goal is to slowly build awareness and support for other grass roots organizations, like Rainbow, that give and act from the heart. In the interim, I hope you enjoy the imagery presented here.

If you are an employee or agent of a qualifying non-profit and would like to reserve use-rights to an image, please contact me directly at

Otherwise, please use the catalog and shopping cart provided here and we will contact you to let you know the amount and allocation of charitable funds resulting from your purchase.

Thank you for supporting Photostimulus.